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Auto Banknote Binder

PROSCAN PS208 Automatic Banknote Binder

PS208A is a smart and fast money binder that is efficient and cost effective. It only takes a few minutes to warm up and less than 2 seconds to perform the binding. The result is a secured and neat binding. Our binding tape is made of white self-stick gel fiber that does not leave any odor and smoke.



Features Specifications
• Automatic and high-speed binding
• Microcomputer control, easy to operate
• Thermal-pressure binding which results in beautiful appearance, tight and non-curl effect 
• Adjustable position (range: 47-83mm) of binding tape 
• Compact, portable unit with built-in carrying handle
• Power: AC 220V 50HZ
• Running temperature: £ 20°C
• Approx. Weight: 9 Kg
• Exterior dimensions: 245*215*225mm (L*W*H)
• Speed of binding: £ 2 sec/bundle
• Range of binding: up to 100 pcs/bundle
• Tape measurement: 140m*20mm (L*W)
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