Diversified Corporation


Rotary Sieves (Horizontal Extractors)

South-east Asia representative for 

Model DCS 600, 850, 1000

Sieving and Washing of Fibres from Starch Slurries: 

  • Potato starch processing     
  • Tapioca/Cassava starch processing
  • Wheat starch processing
  • Corn starch processing
  • Rice starch processing

Technical data and Design features

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Dimensions for DCS 850

Model nr. DCS 600 DCS 850 DCS 1000
Capacity potatoes (t/h) 15 32 45
Capacity Tapioca roots (t/h) 10 18 27
Motor (kW) 22 30-37 40-47
Weight (kg) 1100 1800 2500
Rotor width (mm) 600 850 1000

The machine is completely made from stainless steel in a durable long- lasting design. The fibre removal and washing are of highest efficiency according to the latest design of DPP International. The process is a counter-current washing of fibre for starch removal and final de-watering. 

Specially  designed  de- aerating  pumps allow a  fully closed system  for  food grade and CIP features. Cleaning nozzles on the inside  and  outside  of  the  sieving  basket provide a  long period of operation without removal  of  the  basket.  It  also makes  the multi- stage system very compact. No ad-ditional tanks are required. 
The system is delivered as a skid mounted unit  including  the  sieve,  pumps,  motors, instruments  and  the  piping. This  package unit  can  be  installed  directly  on  ground floor.  
Different sieving media can be installed for the various applications. Options are to utilize wire mesh (single or multi-layer), etched screen or wedge wire plates.

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