Diversified Corporation


Multi-Cyclone Unit

South-east Asia representative for 

 Model DCC/DCH 300, 400, 450, 500,
550, 600, 700

Concentration, Separation and Washing of Slurries for 

  • Potato starch processing
  • Concentration
  • Wheat starch processing
  • Tapioca starch processing 

 Technical data and Design features

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10-stage multi-cyclone unit

Model DCC300 DCC400 DCC450 DCC500 DCC550 DCH600 DCH700
Flow Rate (M3/hr) 16 38 53 66 85 75 100
Starch Qty (tons/hr) 2 4.7 6.2 8.3 10.5 8.5 11.7
Pressure (bar) 4-8 4-8 4-8 4-8 4-8 4-8 4-8

The concentration and washing of starch slurries can be performed in Multi-cyclone systems. The system is an arrangement of numerous small cyclones in one housing with a combined inlet and outlet stream. The small cyclones achieve an high efficiency separation and concentration of the solids in the slurry. The Vortex action in the cyclone is created by a pressure drop from a pump and forces the particles to the bottom outlet (underflow) whereas the water goes to the overflow. Up to 14 stages are arranged in one system to achieve a very high washing efficiency. Washing water is added in a counter- current fashion at the last stage.  Flow  rates, concentrations and split ranges are controlled by automated control valves. The instrumentation includes manometers for each stage, density meters and conductivity meters (optional). A wide range of housing sizes is available (see table) and the number of cyclones is designed by DPP International for various applications. Cyclones are usually 10mm or 15mm in diameter.

A block design is available to prevent a  potential fouling between the cyclones. Here, the cyclones sit in a stainless steel block and the feed to each cyclone comes through small channels. Access to the cyclones is through a hinged front door. This makes inspection, cleaning and replacement very easy and quick. The only maintenance item is the pumps. High quality brand pumps are used with reliable specially designed seals for this application. Dynamic seals require no maintenance or replacement.

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