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Flint Pebbles

Our silica flint pebbles are used as a milling media in the ceramic industry, for grinding raw materials like sand, clay, kaolin, feldspar, talc powder etc within ball mills. Ball mills are large containers where by raw materials and water are mixed and ground into liquid form known as slip, which will subsequently be sent to a spray dryer via high pressure pump for drying. It is cylindrical in shape and is made of very thick sheet steel.

To provide an economical milling, flint pebbles must not contain too much iron and iron-containing minerals as well as having excellent abrasive characteristics

Our commitment to you is that assurance of perfect roundness

in the shape of the flint pebbles and thus resulting in a greater efficiency in milling process.

Our pebbles being sorted

Available in sizes:

2/4cm - 3/5cm
4/6cm - 5/7cm - 6/8cm
8/10cm - 10/12cm - 12/15cm - 50/20cm


Process flow charts (please click below to enlarge)


If you would like a copy of our brochure for Flint Pebbles (thumbnails as below), do contact us using the link on the top left, and we will be pleased to email you as soon as possible.


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