Diversified Corporation



Manufacture and supply of:


• Native Tapioca/Cassava Starch
• Modified Tapioca/Cassava Starches

1. Acetylated Modified Starch

2. Oxidized Starch
3. Acetylated Distarch Phosphate
4. Cross-Linked Starch
5. Acid-Thinned Starch
6. Cationic Starch

Other modified starches available include Oxidized Starch Acetate for paper coating use, Oxidized Distarch Phosphate for noodle products and Acid-thinned Distarch Phosphated for food applications where higher elasticity is required. Octenyl succinated monoester is also developed for powdered seasonings and to provide excellent emulsion stability. We also supply-match products and other tailor-make services.


Tapioca plant with tubers
One of our tapioca starch shipments at warehouse
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